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OITI is involved in the planning, assessment and conduction of licensing processes and social and environmental studies, assisting developers in the management of their projects.

The professionals that comprise the principal OITI team have wide-ranging experience, in Brazil and abroad, working on projects in a variety of industrial sectors (mining, transport, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing and construction, among others).

With a small group of specialists of recognized technical capabilities, OITI is able to provide services and products of high quality, maintaining lower operational costs and the flexibility necessary to meet client requirements in a personalized manner.

The Oiti (Licania tomentosa) is a tree species that is typical of tropical forests in eastern Brazil. This tree is known for its highly durable wood, although it is also greatly admired for its beauty and the deep shade that it provides.

Our expertise lies in social and environmental project management, minimizing impacts and optimizing results.